Arbor Home Health Therapy Turns ideas into reality and concerns into solutions.

Luke Vadas, President of Arbor Home Health Therapy, continues his  family legacy of caring for every client and patient as if they were an extension of his own family. Combining the wisdom of experience with innovative ideas, Arbor Home Health Therapy is exceptionally positioned to maximize results for both our home health agency customer and each individual patient.

Integrity, values and passion are the anchor of our organization. We are comprised of skilled clinicians with a strong work ethic who take ownership in the quality of service they provide. We take pride in the  individual strengths of every therapist that contributes to our patient-centered and outcome-focused care plans.  Customers benefit from outstanding operations, and patient satisfaction is highly rated.

When you team up with Arbor Home Health Therapy, whether as a customer or employee, our administrative staff will ensure clinicians are knowledgable on  the aspects that impact reimbursement. Customers are matched with a dedicated Clinical Program Manager who is available to the clinician and agency for questions or concerns.  The Clinical Program Manager's have a solid understanding of PDGM reimbursement and the expectations for providing care.  Arbor Home Health Therapy's leadership team promotes progressive therapy interventions to achieve the greatest outcomes.

What to expect when you partner with us:

  • Corporate accessibility
  • Business savvy managers
  • Prompt, consistent staffing solutions
  • Diverse EMR experience
  • Agency promotion within our corporate family and community